Dear Patients,


I am pleased to offer a Special Spring Wellness Promotion to all of the Alternative Medicine Center patients. Here it is:


  • One hour Japanese acupuncture session  

Promotional Cost Only  $ (Regular Fee $150)

Limit One per person. 


  • Multi Element Hair Analysis  - What is it?
It shows tissue mineral levels and detects toxic elements in the
body.Toxic metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum, etc contribute to many metabolic disorders including fatigue, chronic headaches, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Hair analysis includes a 30 min follow up explanation of results along with vitamin and mineral supplement recommendations for removing heavy metals and mineral deficiencies. Essential test for people who live and work in and around New York City.                                    

Promotional Cost Only $.00 (Regular Fee $)

Limit One per Person.


  • Combo - One hour Japanese Acupuncture PLUS 
    Multi Element Hair Analysis
               Promotional Cost $ - you save $ by purchasing both 
               (Regular Fee $ Acupuncture + $ Multi Element Hair Analysis = $)
                Limit One per Person.


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